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Bookslut was founded in 2002 by Jessa Crispin. Today it is run by Crispin, managing editor Charles Blackstone, and features editor Corinna Pichl.

The philosophy behind Bookslut is one of pleasure and one of expansion. Rather that niche out into various genres, a Bookslut reads without devotion to nationality, gender, medium, or bookstore subsection. We devote ourselves to omnivorous reading.

But being a slut has never meant having no standards. Our coverage is selective, but that is based on excellence rather than what is traditionally thought of as being important. Certain writers and publishers have our hearts, as we find excellence is today found mostly in the realm of small presses, academic publishers, and other places where profit margins are not part of the conversation.

In 2013, Bookslut launched her sister publication, Spolia. It is a reader-supported literary magazine, where all proceeds are split evenly between the writers. It is edited by Jessa Crispin, Corinna Pichl, and Gus Iversen.

If you encounter any problems with our website, please contact Jessa.

Submitting books for review

If you'd like to send Bookslut a review copy of a book, please e-mail Charles Blackstone for our contact information.

If you are wishing to send a book to editor-in-chief Jessa Crispin, please e-mail her for contact information.


If interested in becoming a contributor, please send a writing sample to Jessa Crispin.

If you wish to submit a feature or interview with a writer, please send to Corinna Pichl.

Tarot Readings

If you are looking for information about Bookslut editor Jessa Crispin's tarot card readings and consultations for writers and creatives, you can find the information here.